IREMT is a test provider independent of any other service provider in existence. IREMT is founded on the basis of providing comprehensive testing evaluation to those in the EMS field of EMT and Paramedic without extensive accreditation requirements that make it impossible for the workforce in EMS. IREMT provides one service: testing. IREMT is unbiased and does not get involved in directing education or political discussion. All candidates must complete a proper course, however. The education completed will be your local government requirement. IREMT testing examines your knowledge learned in caring for patients with proven cognitive evaluation with no tricks.

IREMT has consultants from all around the world offering expertise in the question test bank IREMT provides. These consultants range from EMTs, paramedics, and medical physicians who have had involvement in EMS for many years.

You may contact us with any questions through our contact page, and we will respond within 24 business hours. We are in South Florida, Eastern Time Zone, and are dedicated to your success.